Dames & Divas


Dames and Divas is a boutique Australian shoe and accessory label specialising in creating beautiful limited edition designer accessories with a conscience.

The present collection - Veisha by Dames & Divas is handmade from vintage silk kimonos.

Kimonos are un-stitched, and crafted into shoes, bags, jewellery & hair accessories.

No two items are the same & limited numbers can be made per kimono making every piece truly unique & special.

It takes a metre of kimono silk to make one pair of Dames & Divas signature Wedges and with many kimonos having only 2-6 metres of usable fabric, every range is extremely limited.

Once the shoes are made, the remnants are kept and made into bags, jewellery and hair accessories.  Every piece of kimono is used to create a little piece of wearable art, even down to .8cm as can be seen in these Kimono Studs in Sterling Silver.

Dames & Divas believes in creating beautiful designer accessories with a conscience and will be exploring a number of new eco friendly mediums in 2012 including recycled resin, recycled sterling silver, organic denim, recycled denim and vintage fabrics.


Vintage Silk Kimono Resin Bangles

Photography By David Woolley http://www.davidwoolley.com.au/



Veisha by Dames & Divas

Dames & Divas has launched the first of its sub brands for 2011; Veisha by Dames & Divas.

Veisha is all about limited edition vintage silk kimono accessories and the debut launch includes a collection of sterling silver & resin jewellery framing unstitched vintage silk kimono remnants.

Born from the allure and mystery of Japan combined with an innate love of vintage accessories each exquisite item is hand crafted from unstitched vintage silk kimonos, sourced directly from Japan.

The new collection is an explosion of colour and style and includes rings, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks.

Veisha by Dames & Divas Kimono Resin Bangles


Veisha by Dames & Divas Kimono Necklace in Sterling Silver - Square